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Blood Tests and Medication

Private Blood Tests at DOCTORnow

DOCTORnow offers an extensive range of private blood tests but it is essential for our clinicians to ensure that all medical tests selected are appropriate for you. There are a number of reasons why a blood test may be required, therefore, it may be ideal for you to book a private GP consultation before any blood tests are carried out.

Please note: if you have been recommended by a healthcare professional to have your blood tested, please mention this when booking your appointment. For private blood testing, we may ask you to bring in a written request or form to your appointment for our clinicians to see.

Twice a day, our samples are collected by a laboratory in London, using their couriers. This enables a fast turn-around for results. Fees for our private blood tests are additional to any consultation fees and are chargeable on the day.

The list below are some of our most common blood tests:

Tests (excludes Nurse/Doctor Fee)
‘C’ Reactive Protein (CRP) £57.75
Andropause profile (DN1) £247.50
Biochemistry Profile (DL1) £86.00
Biochemistry Profile (DL1L) £94.00
Blood Group (ABO) £70.50
Blood Sugar Test (In-house) £16.00
Calcium Test (CA) £32.25
Cardiovascular Risk Profile 1 (DL10) £264.00
Chickenpox Immunity IgG (VZOS) £81.00
Drugs of Abuse Profile (DOA) £90.00
Free Testosterone (FTES) £124.50
Gamma GT (GGT) £28.50
Glandular Fever (EBVA) £174.75
Glycosylated Haemoglobin (GHB) £60.00
Haematology Profile (DL3) £51.00
Hepatitis A Immunity (HAIM) £57.75
Hepatitis B Immunity (HBIM) £57.75
HIV Antibodies (HDUO) £62.25
INR (PTIM) £32.25
Iron (FE) £34.50
Lipid Profile (LIPP) £61.50
Liver Function Test (LFT) £61.50
Magnesium Level 1 (MG) £47.25
Menopause Profile (MENO) £166.50
MRSA Screen (per swab) (MRSW) £69.00
Pregnancy Test (PREG) £43.50
Pronokal Blood Test 1 (1DNP) £131.40
Pronokal Blood Test 2 (2DNP) £52.65
Pronokal Blood Test 3 (3DNP) £38.10
Prostate Profile (PR2) £106.50
PSA Blood Test (PSPA) £76.50
Rubella Immunity IgG (RUBE) £61.50
Senior Male 60+ (DL9M) £410.00
Senior Female 60+ (DL9F) £418.00
Thyroid Profile (various) from £84.00
Urea & Electrolytes (U/E) £61.50
Urine Test from £55.50
Vitamin B & Folate (B12F) £123.00
Vitamin D Levels (VITD) £92.25
Well Man Screen (DL7) £186.00
Well Man Screen & Cholesterol (DL7L) £180.45
Well Person – General (DL6) £159.00


Additional Information: sexual health tests are available if required.


We stock some of the most commonly prescribed medications on-site for the convenience of our patients.

During a GP consultation, if it is appropriate, the GP may issue you with a private prescription. You can take the prescription to any pharmacy or alternatively, we can fax it to the pharmacy of your choice. Medication can also be delivered to your home or business address by our local pharmacy partner*.

As we operate independently from the NHS, you will pay the true price of our private blood tests and medication which in many cases is lower than the NHS prescription charge. For more information reading our private blood tests and medication, call us to book an appointment:

DOCTORnow Beaconsfield                             01494 410888


*Payment for this service is to be made directly to our pharmacy partner by the patient and includes a delivery fee.

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