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Corporate Membership

Private GP’s to help employers look after their most important asset, their employees!

The cost to employers of absence from work due to ill health can have a significant detrimental impact on the business. Ensuring your employees are on the fastest and most appropriate treatment path not only benefits the employer but also offers an employee benefits that sets companies apart in their efforts to attract and retain the best people.

DOCTORnow in-surgery consultations

Offers 30 minute appointments within 24hours + Extended opening hours + home visits if required. Corporate member assurance plans or pay as you go services are available

DOCTORnow on-site consultations

A bespoke consultation package designed to minimise the disruption to an employees working day by enabling them to see a doctor at work, saving the employer time and money.

Our introductory on-site consultation package consists of 4 consecutive on-site 15 minute appointments within a 15 mile radius of our surgeries in Beaconsfield and Wexham.

For larger corporates where demand may be greater up to 12 consecutive 15 minute appointments can be provided on a weekly or monthly basis.

DOCTORnow Telephone consultations

Enables employees to speak to a doctor from work or at home during our surgery opening hours, we can assess their needs and advise on a recommended course of action.

If medication is required we can arrange for a prescription to arrive at a nearby pharmacy so that treatment can start immediately.

DOCTORnow Employee vaccinations

Travel, flu and other injections are available to protect employees who can be seen by a practice nurse at our surgeries or at your premises.

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