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Corporate GP Services


Independent Medical Advice


Here at DOCTORnow, we can provide independent medical advice and private corporate GP services to large corporations and small businesses. Most businesses need to have a company doctor at some point, we provide services to our corporate clients to assist with employee issues from pre-employment to retirement.


Access to independent medical advice has grown in importance over recent years as work pressures and demands on the NHS increase. The cost to employers of absence from work due to ill-health can be crippling, not to mention the inconvenience of managing the workload in the interim. Ensuring your employees are on the fastest and most appropriate treatment path not only benefits the employer but also offers an employee benefit that sets companies apart in this current economic climate.


On-Site Consultations


In-house Surgeries

Our GPs can hold regular planned surgeries within your workplace, offering convenient access to a doctor or your employees.


Medicals and Health Screening



Medicals allow us to monitor and track the health of your employees. We offer a wide range of options including comprehensive Wellman and Wellwoman life plan medicals. Also, we can provide medicals for insurance or health and safety purposes as well as employees and ill health retirement medicals.


Medical Reviews

If you have employees who are on long-term sick leave or who are frequently off sick, DOCTORnow offers a medical review service. We work with both the individual and the employer to explore and understand the health issues and make recommendations as appropriate about returning to work.


Industry Specific Health Screenings

Specific roles may require specific health screening. Our nurses can provide a number of tests as appropriate which includes audio testing, lung function, vision testing, blood screens and skin screening. Our corporate GPs can also arrange regular medicals for those who work night shifts.


Sleep Apnoea

Unrefreshed sleep as a result of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) increases the risk of being involved in a life-threatening accident. This is especially important if driving is a big part of your job role. DOCTORnow’s corporate GP service is able to offer sleep apnoea diagnosis monitoring which takes place in the patient’s home instead of in a sleep laboratory or a hospital.




Health Vaccinations

If your industry requires specific health vaccinations, we can see your employees at our surgery or arrange for one of our practice nurses to visit your premises.


Travel Vaccinations

As a MASTA travel clinic, we can provide a complete range of vaccinations and anti-malarials to ensure your employees are protected overseas.


Annual Flu Vaccinations

Influenza is a highly contagious illness which once in the workplace can easily spread. Both the cost and impact of the absence can hit a business hard.

Our corporate GP service offers an on-site flu vaccination whereby our practice nurse visits your premises at a convenient time to administer flu vaccinations to your employees.


In-Surgery Consultations


Rapid GP Access

DOCTORnow’s GP corporate service can offer you an appointment at our surgery generally within 24 hours of your request. Alternatively, with selected corporate package and a doctor to visit your premises.


Health Education & Promotion


Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing health checks are available for total cholesterol monitoring, blood pressure, blood-sugar testing and cardiac risk. This can be done on an annual basis for all employees with additional support and more frequent testing for those who are high risk. Also, we offer a range of other private GP corporate services aimed at promoting healthy living such as articles for company newsletters or health education sessions.


For more information regarding our corporate GP services or to discuss your bespoke corporate package requirements, please call 01494 410888.

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