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At DOCTORnow, we provide full medical health screening to proactively manage your health and wellbeing. We work with you to develop individually tailored health plans based on specific risk factors indicated by your lifestyle, time of life, social and family history to enable you to take control of your health. Having regular health screening will identify if there are any medical problems, the earlier these are identified, the greater chance there is of a cure or minimising the impact on your health.

We offer a full range of health screening medicals depending on whether or not you have a concern about something specific or simply want a comprehensive general checkup. Where appropriate, medicals are conducted over two visits so that all test results are back when you see the doctor, who will then go through any current issues with you and create a unique 10 year health plan bespoke to your needs.


General Health Medicals



Womens Health



Mens Health



Medical Fasting*? 1st Stage Appt – Nurse 2nd Stage Appt – Doctor Booking notice
Breast Health N 30 mins
Cardiovascular Health Y 30 minsBloods, ECG, Lung function 45 mins 2 days
Diabetes Y 45 minsBloods, ECG, Diabetes check 45 mins 2 days
Fatigue and Tiredness Y 15 minsBloods 45 mins
Healthy Sleeping N 30 mins
Male Libido Health Y 15 minsBloods 45 mins
Mature Health Y 45 minsBloods, ECG, Lung function, Audiogram 45 mins 2 days
Menopause N 15 minsBloods 45 mins
Pre-conception N 15 minsBloods 30 mins
Prostate Health N 15 minsBloods 30 mins
Skin Health N 30 mins
Thyroid Review N 15 minsBloods 30 mins
Unexplained Weight Gain Y 15 minsBloods 30 mins
Wellman/Wellwoman Y 45 minsBloods, ECG, Lung function 45 mins 2 days


*If your full medical health screening requires a blood test, we ask that you do not eat for at least 12 hours beforehand. You can drink black tea (no sugar) or water but no other drinks. For this reason, we recommend a morning appointment.

Why choose DOCTORnow?

  •  24/7* access to a doctor
  • Longer consultations – up to 30 minutes
  • Extended surgery hours – Monday – Saturday
  • Luxurious surroundings
  • Referrals to private specialists
  • Patient-centered care
  • Wide range of services available
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