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The PronoKal diet method is a personalised and medically supervised weight loss programme. The treatment consists of controlled weight loss from the beginning, long term maintenance of the result is obtained through a dietary re-education programme. DR Richard Angwin is a qualified PronoKal doctor and offers personalised medical support.


The PronoKal diet programme is based on a low carbohydrate, balanced protein diet and includes a wide range of practical and easy to prepare PronoKal food products.


Here at DOCTORnow, we care about your well-being and if you required the PronoKal diet programme, we are here to help. For more information on this diet or to book an initial consultation with Dr Richard Angwin, call us today on 01494 410888.


Below is a list of our PronoKal consultation prices:


PronoKal VIP24/VIP24+ VIP Non-Member
PronoKal Consultation (1st appointment) £72.00 £72.00 £144.00
PronoKal Consultation (follow up appointments) £52.00 £52.00 £104.00


For more information visit this link Pronokal

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