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Employee absence is a business headache and a financial drain on your company. Many employers offer private health insurance to ensure employees have access to secondary level medical care i.e. referrals to consultants and specialists, but few consider private GP services on an ad hoc or ongoing basis. Yet minor illnesses and common ailments are by far the most common cause of short-term absence. Easy access to a GP can prevent and reduce absence.


A large percentage of days lost are due to delays in getting simple treatment. NHS GPs by necessity often have high patient bases, tighter budgets and more restricted access during working hours. Surgeries may not always be open at times outside of the normal working day resulting in employees having to take time off or stay absent until they can get an appointment. This can easily add up to many hours or even days of absence. DOCTORnow can provide flexible, independent medical solutions for any business.



‘We are particularly impressed with the ease of speaking to and seeing a doctor in a reasonable timescale. This is an invaluable service and one that brings both significant savings and efficiencies to our business, the benefits easily outweighing the costs.


Michael Holland, Managing Director, 5G Communications Ltd

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